Monkey tail cactus Folia House
Monkey tail cactus Folia House
Monkey tail cactus Folia House
Monkey tail cactus Folia House

Monkey tail cactus - 7cm Pot

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Product size
Pot diameter - 7cm

Care instruction
Indoors grow in a bright light position in a cactus/succulent potting mix. In pots they also grow well in full sun to part shade in cool to sub tropical zones. Hanging baskets are also a great option. Outdoors, in areas that are frost free it can be grown as a ground cover in a full sun to semi shade position in sharply drained soil.

Water when the soil has totally dries out. The warmer the air the more frequently you’ll need to water. When it is cloudy and cold, it will take the soil longer to dry out. Keep the soil even drier during late fall and winter when a Monkey Cactus needs to “rest” for a few months in a cool area. This dormant period is necessary for it to bloom well.

It’s hard to believe, but a Monkey Tail Cactus can survive temperatures below freezing.

They do not need high humidity so it is good that you have removed the plastic. Provide good air circulation and warm temperatures. Avoid excessive heat above 80 degrees F.

Pet Friendliness
Unlike many types of cactus, Monkey’s Tail Cactus is not edible. Its flesh is toxic.

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