String of Tears - 13cmHB
String of Tears - 13cmHB
String of Tears - 13cmHB
String of Tears - 13cmHB

String of Tears - 13cmHB

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Product size

Pot diameter -13cm hanging basket

Plant care
Prefer filtered sun, or bright indirect light. Can tolerate periods of low light but the plant will not grow as fast. The plant is not frost-tolerant so plant should be kept indoor during winter.

String of Tears are cascading succulents which are very sensitive with water. Water from the bottom and allow the soil to dry completely between watering to help the root get air circulation. One tip to make sure you do not overwater your plant is only water when it looks slightly wrinkly.

Succulents do not need a lot of fertilizer, especially during wintertime. In spring and summer, use small doses of succulent’s fertilizer once every two to four weeks

Repot into well-drained / succulents’ soil in growing seasons when the plant has outgrown the pot, try to keep it compact

The plant is toxic to animal as well as human

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