Cactus round - 14cm pot Folia House
Cactus round - 14cm pot Folia House
Cactus round - 14cm pot Folia House
Cactus round - 14cm pot Folia House

Cactus round - 14cm pot

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Product size
Pot diameter – 14cm. Total height - 13cm.
Plant Care
Echinocactus or ‘Barrel Cactus’ are a group of large growing cactus that thrive in the sun. The name ‘Barrel Cactus’ gives away the shape. Easy to grow in a well drained soil and a sunny position. They are slow growing plants so mature specimens are sought after and can cost a little more. These plant do flower, and in fact flower for long periods in summer once established.


In a well drained soil and a sunny position these are an easy care plant. They do well indoors on a sunny windowsill. Prefers full sun but can tolerate part shade.


The only real problems are related to poor drainage or overwatering, we doubt that these tough plants would ever require watering outdoors, and indoors only a few times a year and certainly let the soil dry out between waterings.


A 1/3 strength application of a liquid fertiliser in spring and again in summer is generally enough.


They are easy to propagate from seed. After the flower has died back a seed pod with replace it. Twist it off and cut it open to release the tiny reddish to amber seeds. Place in some water to soak overnight then plant into a seed raising mix comprising quarter peat moss, quarter vermiculite and half coarse sand. Germination should complete within four to six weeks. Carefully transplant (they will have spines by now) into individual pots. Introduce the young plants gradually to full sun.

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