Philodendron Shangri-la - 25cm pot

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Pot diameter - 25cm. Total height - 80cm.

Care instruction


 The best light condition is medium indirect light. If the plant is exposed too much to direct sunlight, then its leaves will turn pale and loose its shiny green colour. 


It will need thorough water when you are planting it, in a new pot and after that, you just need to water when the topsoil is dry. Make sure that you allow the top soil to dry out before re-watering


Feeding the plant with an organic fertilizer during spring or autumn is ideal. It will thrive in well-draining soil. Adding organic fertilizer to the soil during spring will help in lush green foliage.


Repot into potting mix soil in growing seasons when the plant has outgrown the pot, try to keep it compact


Toxic to pet as well as human


Melbourne metro areas, postcode range 3000 - 3207 (exclude 3063, 3099, 3139).

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