Pilea Peperomiodes (The Chinese Money Plant) - 12cm Pot Folia House

Pilea Peperomiodes (The Chinese Money Plant) - 12cm Pot

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Pot diameter - 12cm

Plant care
This Pilea is a remarkable indoor plant, being able to survive well in low light. Relatively fast-growing but will take some time to grow upright stems that can be staked to any height. Round, coin-like leaves are produced almost weekly to create a stunning effect. Young plants will grow from the base of parent plants as they mature.

Very hardy and will do well in all climates. Plants do well outdoors under the shade and will do well indoors even in low light, but leaves will be smaller and on long stems.

Plants should be watered regularly throughout the year including winter. Plants will survive without water for short periods and will droop but recover.

This Pilea enjoys regular feeding at any time of the year, however, it can also live years without food, but will barely grow.

Pilea is best repotted each spring into new soil for vigorous growth. Older plants can remain in the same pot for many years.

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