Philodendron Silver Sword - 25cm Pot With Totem Folia House

Philodendron Silver Sword - 25cm Pot With Totem

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Product size
Poit diameter - 25cm Total height - 80cm

Plant care
This plant is relatively durable and it can thrive in many different conditions but it is more suited to bright light but not direct sun. It can, however, cope with low light.

Through Spring and Summer the soil should be kept moist but during winter the soil should be allowed to dry out between waterings.

The ideal temperature for this plant is 60-75ºF/16-24ºC. Temperatures above and beyond this could cause the plants growth to slow down.

This species is quite tolerant of dry conditions. During summer it's good practice to mist the leaves.

The Philodendron is a plant that can grow very quickly and should be fed every month during spring and summer, especially when new leaves are growing. During the winter, feeding can take place every other month using a basic houseplant food.

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