Return & Refund Policy


First, if you ever consider a return or exchange, you likely already purchased from us. Which means we owe you a "Thank you". As such we aim to provide an amazing after sale service to make right any hiccups along the way. 

How to make a return or exchange enquiry?


Email us at ASAP, please include photos for the issue, and some brief descriptions. 

What about return shipping?


We will organize a free collection of the returned items if a mistake or overlook happened on our end. Otherwise, the items need to be brought back to the store. But don't worry too much, please contact us and we'll sort it out.

What about Change of Mind?


Please contact us ASAP if you change your mind after placing the order. We can normally refund the order (less 6% non-refundable online payment processing fee) in most cases if no actions have been taken on the order.

When return or exchange is not possible


  • Lost of proof of purchase;
  • 3 days after delivery if claiming a product is missing or damaged;
  • 7 days after delivery if claiming plant health or quality is not satisfactory;
  • 30 days after purchase;
  • If the plant has been re-potted after purchase;
  • If the product was a clearance item;

Still have questions?


Please reach out to our team at 0415 943 707 (or and we're more than happy to assist.