Baby Plant - Begonia Bright Eyes Folia House
Baby Plant - Begonia Bright Eyes Folia House
Baby Plant - Begonia Bright Eyes Folia House
Baby Plant - Begonia Bright Eyes Folia House

Baby Plant - Begonia Bright Eyes

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Product Size
Pot diameter - 7cm

Plant care
Begonia bowerae are grown primarily for their foliage. Their leaf colours will be saved only when the plant is kept in high humidity and away from direct sunlight, but well-lit location. A shaded greenhouse or a window free of direct sun also will suffice. Although this plant enjoys filtered light, it can take some sun in winter. These plants do not like changing their position.

As these Begonia bowerae plants are able to store large amounts of moisture in their thickened stems they require less moisture than most other Begonias types, especially during the colder months. Water regularly with trepid water, so that the potting mixt stays always moist, but never soaking-wet. Do not spray mist this plant and avoid getting the leaves wet when watering.
In winter, this plant dislikes conditions which are too moist and too dark. In this period water the plant more sparingly, allowing the top half of the potting mixture to dry out between waterings.

Normal room temperatures are suitable for actively growing plants, preferable at least 15°C (59°F). Give to these plants fresh air as much as possible and avoid draughts or cold air.

Begonia bowerae suffer in dry air. For increased humidity stand the pots on trays with moist pebbles or suspend saucers of water under hanging baskets.

Feed these plants with liquid fertiliser at three of four weeks interval.

Pet Friendliness
All of the over 1000 species of begonia are toxic to pets.

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