Boston fern (Nephrolepsis Exalta) - 27cmHB Folia House

Boston fern (Nephrolepsis Exalta) - 27cmHB

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27cm hanging basket

Plant care


Bright indirect or filtered light all year round. Avoid direct sunlight as it can scorch the fronds.


Adjust watering to suit the season. This is easy, in the warmer months it tends to put on growth and needs more water. Water so that the potting mix never completely dries out, aim for a nice even moistness. In winter, however, allow the surface to dry out slightly before watering.

Temperature and Humidity

Ideally, keep between 4C and 30C. Keeping it cooler at night helps avoid fungal problems. It needs humidity, so a humidifier is useful, or failing that misting spray. This is particularly important in winter if you are using central heating. Alternatively, you can put the pot on small stones or blocks to keep it raised and fill the saucer or slip the pot beneath with water. The water evaporates increasing the humidity but keeping the pot raised, allows for free drainage that is essential for a happy indoor plant.


Fertilize monthly in spring and summer with an indoor plant fertilizer diluted to half strength. Only fertilize once over winter and once in autumn. Once a year, flush out any salts that may have accumulated by watering thoroughly and deeply with clean

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