Dolphin Necklace - Senecio peregrinus - 15cmHB

Dolphin Necklace - Senecio peregrinus - 15cmHB

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Product size
Pot diameter - 15cm hanging basket

Plant care

Loves being in a bright spot with morning sunlight. Low light positions will lose the plant’s shape.

Make sure the soil has completely dried out between watering. Even less water during winter.

25% recommended dosage monthly in growing period (warm months). Fertilizers high in nitrogen can produce larger plants with less colour. The less fertilizer, the better shape of the plant.

Easy to be propagated. Can be left to overgrow their pots, repot in well-drained soil in warmer months.

Can cause vomiting and diarrhoea upon consumption. Keep out of reach of little paws and hands.

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