Drosera - Flat Sundew - 10cm Pot Folia House
Drosera - Flat Sundew - 10cm Pot Folia House
Drosera - Flat Sundew - 10cm Pot Folia House
Drosera - Flat Sundew - 10cm Pot Folia House

Drosera - Flat Sundew - 10cm Pot

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Pot diameter: 10cm

Plant care
Sundews (Drosera spp.) are carnivorous plants with an ingenious way to catch their prey. Carnivorous sundew plants have sticky pads that trap insects. Growing sundews is common in terrariums or other warm, moist areas that mimic their natural bog habitat.

Provide partial sunlight (several hours of direct sunlight with bright filtered light during the day). Avoid full shade. Direct sun can burn them. If a sunny window is not possible, you can use strong fluorescent lights (a minimum of 40 watts in actual output). Start with the lights approximately 12 inches above the plant. Monitor your plant and adjust the height of the light source if you are not satisfied with its growth. Use an electrical timer to maintain a photoperiod (consistent daylight hours - 14 hours is sufficient throughout the year).

All sundews require mineral-free water. If your tap water is relatively pure (less than 50 parts per million in dissolved minerals), then you can safely water your sundews with it. Otherwise, you can use distilled bottled water. Keep the soil wet at all times. You can do this by setting the plant in small amounts of standing water, up to halfway up the pot.

A sure-fire way to keep them is indoors as a tropical houseplant on a sunny windowsill. If you live in a tropical climate where the temperature rarely drops below 13°C, you have the option of growing your plants outdoors. Regardless of where you grow them, always protect tropical sundews from excessive wind, harsh sunlight, and especially freezing temperatures.

Provide a humidity level of 40 to 60 percent. This is easy to do by setting a saucer filled with small pebbles under the plant and filling it with water. The evaporation will help moisten the ambient air. Terrarium is the best place where Sundew can grow quickly.

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