Ficus Burgundy - 25cm Pot Folia House

Ficus Burgundy - 25cm Pot

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Product size
Pot diameter - 25cm. 

Plant care
Locate the “Burgundy” rubber plant in the brightest light available. Direct sunlight produces the darkest burgundy color on the leaves. This plant tolerates low indoor light, but the leaves fade to a light green color.

This plant needs watering only when the soil becomes dry. Pour water into the top of the plant pot, and let it run out the bottom to soak the roots. Do not splash the leaves since this will cause stains. “Burgundy” rubber plants do not like waterlogged roots. During the winter, cut the watering schedule back to only every couple of weeks.

This plant adapts to normal indoor temperatures, but grows slower than normal. The ideal temperature for the best growth is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night with daytime temperatures of 80 degrees or more.

Feed the “Burgundy” rubber plant every couple of months with water-soluble balanced fertilizer designed for houseplants. Plants located in medium light exposure do not grow as fast as plants in high light, so feed medium-light plants every four months.

Considered poisonous, therefore keep away from children and animals.

This plant filters airborne toxins and is part of our clean air plant collection.

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