Happy Plant (Dracaena Frangans 'Massangeana') - 25 cm Pot Folia House

Happy Plant (Dracaena Frangans 'Massangeana') - 25 cm Pot

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Product size
25cm Pot - Total height 1.1m

Plant care
Indoors in a well-lit spot away from direct sunlight or outdoors in a sheltered spot in dappled shade.

Moderately, allowing an inch or two of topsoil to dry out before watering. Water more in summer and less in winter. While the plant will tolerate under watering, it will die from overwatering.

Temperature and Humidity
Indoors or outdoors in warm, frost-free areas.

Slow release fertilizer once every 6 months and liquid fertilizer once a month except in winter months.

Pet Friendliness
No. It can cause mouth and digestive distress

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