Lady Finger Palm (Rhapis Excelsa) - 20cm Pot Folia House

Lady Finger Palm (Rhapis Excelsa) - 20cm Pot

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Product Size
Pot diameter: 20cm - Total height: 60cm

Plant care
Lady palms can thrive in any kind of light from shade to full sunlight. The best results will likely be found in full, but indirect sunlight. The more shade it’s exposed to, the darker green the leaves will be.

Maintain a temperature above 15oC, and preferably between 21 and 27 degrees, at all times. Select locations away from air conditioner vents or drafts because cooler air can damage the palm.

Do not over water. Standing water in the soil will only promote root rot. It can tolerate dry periods, but keep them short. Lady palms prefer sol that is constantly moist.

Excelsa is fairly cold hardy and can tolerate tropical and subtropical temperatures from 20° to 100° degrees F and handles both humid and dry climates.

Rhapis are relatively slow-growing plants and need very little fertilizer.

According to a recent study conducted by NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, the lady palm can serve as a natural air purifier. So, not only is the plant safe for cats, but as reported by Radio Green Earth, it can also "help rid the air of pollutants and toxins"!

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