Portulacaria 'Jade Cascade'
Portulacaria 'Jade Cascade'
Portulacaria 'Jade Cascade'
Portulacaria 'Jade Cascade'

Portulacaria 'Jade Cascade'

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pot diameter: 13cm

This type of succulent makes an ideal hanging basket specimen for a hot, sunny balcony. It will thrive on neglect, even if you go on holidays or forget to water it for weeks at a time. Jade plant will grow in all areas of Australia but in very cold areas will need protection.


Jade plants like a full sun to lightly shaded position. If planted in too much shade they will drop leaves.



It likes regular watering and perfect drainage. It also thrives on neglect or no water for weeks.


Succulents benefit from a controlled-release fertiliser in a granule form — apply it during spring and summer when the plants are actively growing.


Easy to propagate from cuttings, broken pieces can be planted and will normally regrow.


Non-Toxic to Dogs, Non-Toxic to Cats, Non-Toxic to Horses


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