White Kalanchoe - 13cm pot

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Pot Size

Pot diameter: 13cm 

Plant Care

Kalanchoes are some of the prettiest bushy succulents around. They belong to the stonecrop (Crassulaceae) family which is the same family as the jade plant or money tree. Kalanchoes are the ultimate winter plant, whether in garden beds or pots.


Choose a sunny location, though some shade throughout the day can be tolerated well. Essentially the more light it gets, the more it will bloom. It will tolerate light frosts.


It is difficult for the plant to withstand temperatures lower than 13oC.


Moderate watering is required during summer and require less watering in winter. Can be watered at any time.


Propagate from stem cuttings, leaf cuttings, or seed, or by removing plantlets.


The plant requires little or no pruning. If needed, the pruning can be done just after flowering.


Within 30km from Melbourne CBD

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