Zebra plant (Aphelandra Squarrossa) - 12cm Pot

Zebra plant (Aphelandra Squarrossa) - 12cm Pot

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Pot diameter: 12cm

Plant care
Zebra plants thrive when given bright, indirect light. While it can tolerate a bit of shade, it won’t flower as often or as long if it’s not given enough light. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch your plant’s leaves. If you’re trying to grow your zebra plant outdoors, be sure that it’s in a sheltered location. It needs light, but not direct sunlight. Placement under a thick tree canopy or porch should work well. Growing in an greenhouse is an option as well to increase the humidity.

Sensitive to over and under watering, zebra plants can be a smidge tricky to maintain. Keep the soil consistently moist throughout the active growing season, and stay watchful. In the winter months, you can allow the soil to dry out a bit between waterings. The ideal for those cooler months is a barely-moist environment. For best results, use filtered water that’s just over room temperature. This mimics the temperature of a typical rain.

The perfect temperature for growing your zebra plant is between 65-80 degrees. Happily, this coincides with most people’s preferred indoor temperature range. Never allow your zebra plant to spend long in temperatures below 55 degrees. It can cause damage to the plant’s beautiful foliage.

Zebra plants like slightly higher humidity than many other plants of 60% - 70%. You may need to raise the humidity levels in a room artificially by placing the plant in a humidity tray with pebbles or use a humidifier appliance. Low humidity levels within an artificially heated room during winter is not going make a Zebra plant very happy.

Non-toxic to cats and dogs.

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